Hilary Lawson

Hilary Lawson

Publications and Media

Hilary Lawson talking at an early HowTheLightGetsIn festival in Hay-on-Wye


Hilary Lawson, Closure: A Story of Everything (Routledge, 2001)

Hilary Lawson and Lisa Appignanesi (ed.), Dismantling Truth: Reality in the Postmodern World (Weidenfeld & Nicolson, 1989)

Hilary Lawson, Reflexivity: The Post-modern Predicament (Open Court Publishing, 1986)

Hilary Lawson (Second of January Group), After Truth: A Post-modern Manifesto (Inventions, 1986)

Selected Articles

Hilary Lawson, ‘The end of the West’ (Independent May 2023)

Hilary Lawson, ‘Reality is Dead’ ( New Humanist April 2023)

Hilary Lawson, ‘In defence of post-realism’ (IAI.tv, 5th March 2021)

Hilary Lawson, ‘The Fantasy of Reality’ (IAI.tv, 12th December 2019)

Hilary Lawson, ‘Time and Consciousness’ (Huffington Post, 7th May 2017)

Hilary Lawson, ‘Searle vs Lawson: After the End of Truth – part 2’ (IAI.tv, 5th August 2015)

Hilary Lawson, It’s a Postrealist World’ (IAI.tv, 24th February 2014)

Hilary Lawson, ‘Mind over body: The prejudice of intellectuals’ (The Independent, 28th May 2013)

Hilary Lawson, ‘How The Light Gets In: Hilary Lawson on Integrity’ (Port Magazine, 15th May 2013)

Hilary Lawson, ‘Putting Philosophy on the Map in 2012’ (Huffington Post, 20th December 2012)

Hilary Lawson, ‘The Poetic Strategy’ (IABLIS, 2008)

Hilary Lawson, ‘Saying the Unsayable’ (‘What Philosophy Is’, ed Havi Carel David Gamez 2004)

Hilary Lawson, ‘Stephen Hawking is Wrong’ (Prospect, 20th November 2001)

Hilary Lawson, ‘Integrity in the presentation of news and current affairs’ (Integrity ed Alan Montefiore & David Vines (1998)

Hilary Lawson, ‘Review of The Blind Watchmaker, Richard Dawkins’ Listener magazine (available through Gale.com)


The World After Reality (January 2023)

The Trouble with Truth (29th November 2021)

Truth, Error & Adventure (4th April 2013)

Beyond Truth: Error and Adventure (LSE, 4th March 2013)


Reality, fantasy and metaphor | with Gunes Taylor, Peter Atkins and Rupert Sheldrake (2022)

The return of metaphysics | with Galen Strawson and Patricia Churchland (2022)

Virtue and vice | with Matthew Taylor and Rebecca Roache (2022)

The unsayable | with Joanna Kavenna and Ray Tallis (2021)

Nothing but the truth | with Michael Shermer and Jennifer Ratner-Rosenhagen (2021)

Belief, hypocrisy and reason | with Graham Harman and Anandi Hattiangadi (2021)

Consciousness and the world | with Bernado Kastrup, Reza Negarestani and Annaka Harris (2021)

A Crack In Everything | with Sophie Allen and Slavoj Zizek (2019)

The Reality Illusion | with Donald Hoffman and Maria Baghramian (2019)

After Post-Truth | with Homi Bhabha and Rebecca Goldstein (2019)

The Stuff of the Universe | with John Ellis and Susan Blackmore (2019)

The Secrets of the World | with Rupert Sheldrake, Paul Boghossian and Rebecca Roache (2018)

The Edge of Reality | with Nancy Cartwright and George Ellis (2018)

Post-Truth and Postmodernism | with Matthew D’Ancona and Hannah Dawson (2018)

The Future of the Post-Truth World | with Steve Fuller and Rae Langton (2018)

What Machines Can’t Do | with Kate Devlin and David Chalmers (2017)

The Strangeness of Things | with John Ellis and David Malone (2017)

More Debates

Language and the World | with Corine Besson and Nancy Cartwright (2017)

Beyond Words | with Emma Borg and Daniel Everett (2017)

Down the Rabbit Hole | with Berit Brogaard and Karl Friston (2016)

Beyond Knowledge | with Ray Brassier and Michela Massimi (2016)

God’s Map | with Roger Davies and Anita Avramides (2015)

It’s an Immaterial World | with Peter Atkins and Tara Shears (2015)

After the End of Truth | with John Searle and Hannah Dawson (2015)

Theories, Mysteries and Mistakes | with Carlo Rovelli and Jennifer Hornsby (2015)

Beyond Reality | with Joanna Kavenna and Roger Penrose (2015)

This Debate Has No Title | with Peter Cameron and Patricia Waugh (2014)

Facts and Fantasy | with David Nutt, Natalie Bennett and Marcus Brigstocke (2014)

Language, Metaphor, and Reality | with Maurice Glasman and Michael Erard (2014)

The Limits of My World | with Michael Potter and John Searle (2014)

Everywhere and Nowhere | with Barry Smith, Hilary Rose and Luciano Floridi (2013)

After Relativism | with Simon Blackburn and Michela Massimi (2013)

Uncovering Reality | with David Tong and Lev Vaidman (2013)

Error Lies and Adventure | with Steven Rose and Barry Smith (LSE, 2013)

Pythagorus’ Dream | with Peter Hacker and Lee Smolin (2012)

The Ultimate Map of Reality | with Adrian Moore, James Ladyman and Giles Fraser (2012)

The Ultimate Particle | with Rolf Heuer and Gwyneth Jones (2011)