Hilary Lawson

Hilary Lawson


April 2023 - New Humanist

Reality is dead, long live reason

January 2023

21st century metaphysics: Leaving Fantasy Behind

March 2021

In Defence of Post-Realism

February 2021


Natural image of icy water

November 2020

On the cusp of the unnatural

Reflection of man in puddle

December 2019

The Fantasy of Reality

Silouette of tree on horizon of pink grass

May 2017 - Huffpost

The Known, The Strange and The New

Station Clock at 5 minutes to 5

May 2017 - Huffpost

Time and Consciousness

After the End of Truth

August 2015

Searle vs Lawson: After the End of Truth Part 2

Motorway lights in white and orange

October 2014

The Road to Hell

Images of silver balls and spirals

February 2014

It's a Postrealist World

Woman's hands type on laptop with stethoscope lying on the table

April 2013 - The Independent

Trust me, I'm Dr DIY

The Thinker statuette in gold

December 2012 - Huffpost

Putting Philosophy on the Map in 2012

Male and Female icons

April 2010 - The Guardian

Fighting Philosophy's Gender Imbalance