Hilary Lawson

Hilary Lawson

Cover of Hilary Lawson's book Closure A Story of Everything

Meaning and understanding are not dependent on notions of reference and truth. The ability to successfully involve oneself in the world is not limited by the fact that there is nothing in common between closure and openness.

Closure is a wide ranging account of what it is to be human and our relationship to the world. It begins by expanding ideas that were presented in Lawson’s 1985 book Reflexivity. Lawson sets out a radical new story that responds to the modern crisis of truth, where the possibility of a single true account of the world has been abandoned. Instead of feeling lost in a frenzy of incompatible theories, Lawson argues that the key to making sense of our circumstances and navigating life is to regard the world as open and it is we who through our senses and language close openness and in the process create what we take to be reality.

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July 2001
ISBN-10: 0415136504
ISBN-13: 978-0415136501