Hilary Lawson

Hilary Lawson


Hilary’s broadcasting career is extensive, with more than 200 credits in his filmography as producer, editor, reporter and director. Largely focusing on current affairs, Hilary’s work comprises mostly of documentaries and news programmes including Science…Fiction?, The First World and Broken Images.

In 1981, Hilary began Where There’s Life, a prime time television show which garnered over 10 million viewers in the UK and led to him co-authoring a book that was based on the series. After founding TVF Media, the production company which produced Channel 4’s The World This Week, Hilary became Editor of the programme until 1991.

Newspaper clippings from Hilary Lawson's broadcasting history

The World This Week: Channel 4

After founding TVF Media, the production company which produced Channel 4’s flagship The World This Week. Hilary was Executive Producer in 1986, Producer from 1987-88, and Editor of the programme from 1989-91.

A TVF co-operation with ITN, the show became one of the most successful international broadcasts, with its pioneering approach to current affairs. The programme ran weekly and covered major events such as the war in Yugoslavia, the fall of the Berlin Wall, and the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait.

Other Notable Credits

BBC Horizon logo in blue
BBC, Horizon - Science...Fiction? (Producer)
Busts of ancient thinkers
Channel 4, The First World (Producer and Writer)
Channel 4 Dispatches logo
Channel 4, For Queen or Country (Reporter)
Channel 4 Equinox logo
Channel 4, Incredible Evidence (Director and Producer)
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Channel 4, Living Dangerously (Producer)